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We provide our excellent services in PCB CAM WORK and PCB DESIGN to our value added customers.
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PCB CAM Services

  • We provide services for high layer count multilayers including blind & buried vias. Impedance control coupone.
  • Unlimited editing capabillites.
  • Full panelization for single, double side and multilayer boards.
  • Generating drill & Routing files for CNC Machines.
  • Error detecting services.


  • TIPS provide quote (RFQ) services to customer world wide.
  • Load the customer data.
  • Align layers.
  • Check data spacing.
  • CAD netlist comparison with data and given report.
  • Fill up RFQ form as per your requirements.

PCB CAM services:

  • DRC (Design Rule Checks)
  • Customer Panelizations.
  • Fabrication Panelizations.
  • Metal boards editing.
  • Hard Gold editing.
  • Multiboards tab rout with mouse bits.

DRC (Design Rule Checks):

  • Drill Checks (Drill - Drill spacing, Double hits)
  • Dimension checks
  • Annular Ring Checks
  • Copper-Copper spacing checks
  • Drill-Copper Checks
  • Mask Checks(Coverage & SMD DAMS)
  • Silk Checks(min. line width, silk clipping)
  • Any other customer checks

Customer Panelizations:


1. The single boards/Array (Array will be customer specific).


2. Make array with tooling & fiducials as per customer requirement and or customer standard.


3. Fill the copper thieving in array rail of panel.


Fabrication Panelizations:


1. IPC class / Impedance Coupones editing.


2. Tooling Holes in fabrication panel.


3. Copper thieving


4. Panel Text


5. Customer can provide scripts for fabrication panel for extra editing.


6. Other customer requirements.


Metal Board editings:


1. We have provided Metal Board editing services for Manufacturing Process.


Hard Gold editings:


1. We have provide hard gold editing services in fabrication panel.


Multiboards tab rout with tab drills:


1. We have provide multiboards tab rout facilities for CNC Machine routing.


2. CNC rout file output generated from CAM 350 software.

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Call Us : +91 9979409872