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We provide our excellent services in PCB CAM WORK and PCB DESIGN to our value added customers.
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PCB Layout Design

We provide design services in world wide used designing softwares. Tips also provide reverse engineering work to customers.
  • Make outline as per customer requirement.
  • Convert schematic to layout design.
  • Put mounting hole as per customer requirement.
  • Make cutout as per customer requirement.
  • Make slot drill as per customer requirement.
  • Make drill drawing.
  • Make customer specific array/panelization.
  • Design single ended /differential trace layout.
  • Taken gerber 274X or other format output of design.
  • Taken NC drill output of drill.
  • Make fabrication drawing.

Tips provide some facilities for

  • Design for manufacturability (DFM).
  • Design for Surface mount, through hole, mixed technology (BGA, PGA) & fine pitch components.
  • Generate bill of material.
  • Stack up creation of multilayers.
  • Stencil layers for smd assembly.
  • Make drill drawing.

Some pcbs design by tips.


1. power supply pcb design.


2. 7-segment pcb design.


3. Array/panelization design of pcb.


4. Rotate array/panel pcb design


5. Slot drilling pcb design.

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Call Us : +91 9979409872